Captain’s Walk Winery in Green Bay, Wisconsin is located in scenic Green Bay just a few minutes from the International Airport. A trip to the winery will transport you to another world, a land where wine and cheese are the national beverage and not just an indulgent treat for the rich and famous. Our mission is to bring people from all over the world to share the joys of winemaking with us in Green Bay and with that goal, we have become a one-stop winery that caters to the needs of anyone looking to travel to one of our wineries whether it be for a vacation, business or a social engagement. Learn more here.

“Captain’s Walk Winery” was founded by Jack Ziemba in 1969. The original concept was to make a” Captain’s Walk” in which tourists could pay to tour five vineyards, each representing one region, for one day. Today, “CAPW” has expanded to not only Captain’s Walk Winery in Green Bay but also five vineyards located throughout Wisconsin and New York. This allows us to serve more people in a day than we were able to do in the original “captive audience” five years ago. If you have never visited one of the many famous wineries of the world like Captain’s Walk Winery in Green Bay Wisconsin or one of the other world-class Wisconsin wineries, we invite you to come and experience our world-class wineries while you are in Wisconsin. You can see why it’s considered the “New West” for wines! You will feel like you’ve been there for the ultimate wine experience while you relax on one of the many comfortable stools in our Green Bay, Wisconsin hotels. It won’t matter if you’re traveling alone or with your entire family. Feel free to stop off in Green Bay at any time throughout the day and experience Green Bay and its wineries while you truly appreciate the American spirit of hard work and dedication that brought you here. Learn more about Find a Sport Near You – Visit the Triangle Sports Area in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

In addition to traveling, touring, and serving, we also believe that it is important to have a sense of humor. We feel that a winemaker without a sense of humor is like a chef without a sense of taste. That is why we continually tour wineries throughout Wisconsin and New York selling our Captain’s Walk products and entertaining our guests with our wacky sense of humor. We believe this builds customer loyalty as well as a sense of fun, which in turn brings customers back time again.