Hard floor finishing or VCT finishing

Hard floor finishing for years of life

VCT also requires protection, and a polyacrylate floor finish creates a “renewable, repairable, restorable” wear layer that can be used to maintain the beauty and clean, shiny appearance that people want to see in a floor.

Keep that shine!

Thus, a primary goal for maintenance professionals is keeping VCT floors clean and looking their best, which helps extend the life of the floor. However, accomplishing this goal is fraught with challenges, such as constraints on time, budget and personnel.


Keep those floors looking great

VCT finishing protects your floors for years to come

Persistence is key to longevity

Depending on VCT maintenance or the amount of foot traffic at a particular facility, it is good practice to periodically recoat the finish. Following a deep scrub of the VCT to remove soil build-up, reapply a high-quality commercial floor polish. Failing to ensure that there are three-to-five layers of protective finish means risking potential damage to the tiles from embedded soil that can eventually result in poor appearance, and ultimately the need to replace the flooring.

Bring back the luster in older vinyl floors!

Although vinyl floors can be extremely durable they need proper maintenance; they get scratched, develop wax build-up and get discolored, and eventually lose their shine. Spark Cleaning Solutions will remove the old wax and other build-up by stripping the floors to the bare VCT. We then seal it with a high-quality wax and buff to a glossy finish. Using quality grade products and proven techniques, the Spark Cleaning team will make your floors shine like new again; while protecting them and reducing scratches and the effects of penetrating grime. With high-quality stripping and waxing, your VCT floors will stay protected and retain their shine for years to come

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