Post Construction Cleaning Services

You make it new

Now that construction has ended and the dust has settled in your new business, it’s time for a major cleaning before enjoying the new space. Post construction cleaning is best left to the pros, as they can swiftly and efficiently clean your facility from top to bottom.

Post construction cleanup!

Hiring a crew to assist with post construction cleaning can be tremendously beneficial. They are trained to properly dispose of waste, thoroughly clean the facility, and salvage and recycle materials such as wood, masonry, and drywall. Professionals are also qualified to safely dispose of hazardous and dangerous materials to ensure that your business complies with industry standards.

Post construction cleaning to make that room look new

We make it shine

In addition to our standard business cleaning services, we also offer post-construction cleanup services, which can help you with grand-opening preparations for a new office or retail business, renovations/expansions, and more. If you’re moving out of leased office space or want to prepare a commercial building for resale, we can come in and make sure it’s in spotless condition, too.

The difference wows potential buyers or tenants

Newly constructed room cleaned up by Spark Cleaning Solutions