understaning different commercial cleaning services

Understanding Differences in Commercial Cleaning Services Rates

Sweeping and cleaning your business premises will help keep your office in an orderly manner. However, at some point, you will require hiring commercial cleaning services to help in the thorough cleaning of your premises. When looking for those services, you need to understand the involved cost and what brings about those rates. Understanding the rates and why they are the way they help you do a cost analysis involved in commercial cleaning services. This information will also help when vetting different cleaning companies.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Commercial Cleaning Services

Different commercial cleaning companies offer different rates but these prices are determined by several factors. In most cases, many commercial cleaning companies will charge you depending on the size of the facility to be cleaned. Once you contact the customer service of such a cleaning company, you will be asked the size of the building and your standard expectation. Sometimes, the company may also send a representative to survey the building before providing you with the rates. Most cleaning company will draft cleaning charges depending on the following factors;

Frequency of Cleaning

If you are planning to sign a long-term contract with a cleaning company, then there are high chances they are going to give a discount. This is unlike when you are only giving them a one time job. While signing a long-term deal, be sure to elaborate how often you want the cleaning company to come over. The more the intervals, the higher the discount and hence the cheaper the entire exercise will be.

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Cleaning Time Frame

The time which you expect your facility to be cleaned also has an impact on the rates. For instance, if you want your premises to be cleaned before or past working hours, then the rates will be slightly cheaper since there will be no traffic interrupting the cleaning team. Other times that you can get competitive rates is during holidays when there is no traffic in the office. Hiring a cleaning team to work off-hours has the advantage that the office will dry properly without people stepping on wet areas.

Tasks Involved

The number of tasks involved when cleaning such as emptying recycle bins, vacuuming, removing cobwebs, and other activities will affect the rates. If there are several tasks that you require performed by the cleaning company, then you should be ready to pay more for the entire cleaning exercise.

Specifications on Products to Use

If you are specific that your facility should be cleaned using the products of your choice other than what the company usually uses, then be ready to pay a bit higher than normal rates. In most cases, this factor affects the rates if your requested cleaning products are more costly. Also, if the cleaning company is also expected to replace the supplies such as toilet paper, then the rates will be a bit higher that when they are only supposed to clean. When giving out your expectations and specifications, make sure you have enough budget to cater for all your demands.

Typical Factors that Affect the Cost of Commercial Cleaning Services

In addition to the above factors, there are other typical costs that will affect the rate of cleaning services. These factors defer from one cleaning service to the other. To ensure you are well prepared, it is important to inquire about how these factors will affect the cost of the services. These factors include;

Size of the facility

If the facility is large, it will require more time and manpower to clean. It will also use more cleaning products and hence the price will be higher than cleaning a small room. Hypothetical commercial cleaning rates based on size of the facility will look as follows;
Standard office- such an office measures 1,000 square foot with eight rooms, three bathrooms, a reception desk, a hallway and front windows, and a waiting room. The cleaning process will include sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all rooms. It will take the cleaners approximately 3 hours to clean the facility and while charging $35/hour, the whole exercise will cost $105.
Standard 2 floor business premises measuring 10,000 square foot- the facility includes 2 kitchens, 10 offices, a receptionist area, stairs, 10 windows, and 4 bathrooms. Costing the same as the above office, the room will take cleaners approximately 6 hours to sweep, mop, and vacuum all the rooms. The rate for cleaning such an office will cost you $210.

While considering the size of the office, you need to first ask how much the cleaning company you are hiring charges on an hourly basis. As mentioned earlier, the frequency of cleaning might make the cleaners decide to give you a discount.


Cleaning Windows and Bathrooms

Unlike any other part of the facility, windows, kitchens, and bathrooms take longer to clean and disinfect. If you have more of these in your office, the cleaning company might ask higher rates to cover the time spent on these areas. However, there are some cleaning companies that prefer to charge flat rates instead of an hourly basis. Before giving you a definite figure, such a company will send a representative to come and survey your office. Depending on the number of rooms to be cleaned and the traffic in your office, the company will approximate how long it will take them to clean and then give you a flat rate. To ensure you get the best rates, do a comparison between hourly and flat charges to see which one is more affordable.

Before you can commit to signing a contract with a cleaning company, you should walk through your office with the cleaning company representative asking any questions you may have about their services. You should also be willing to provide information the representative may have for you regarding the job. When taking him around, remember to give all details about your expectations. When signing the contract, ensure that every detail you have agreed on is well captured in the agreement including the frequency and the time when the cleaners should be in your office.