What is Green Cleaning

What is Green Cleaning and Why is it Important

Clean Green and Help the Environment

At Spark Cleaning Solutions, we know just how busy you can get that time just zips by, making it difficult to carve out a slot on your weekly schedule for a cleaning session at home. Huge organizations will also be better off outsourcing their cleaning chores to an expert, as it reduces the long-term wage bill while ensuring that things get done in a prim and proper manner. Spark Cleaning Solutions does more than just keep a place spick and span, it does so via the green cleaning method that will be environmentally friendly.

As one of the leading green cleaners in Green Bay, Wisconsin, we do a whole lot more than just talking about getting the job done. We also walk the talk by delivering great customer service from various aspects of the business, ranging from providing you with the option of convenient cleaning hours to employee screening policies. This is how we honor our clients by ensuring our quality control setup will be able to deliver reliable and honest office cleaners who have been specially trained in best practices and in accordance with exacting company standards. Being in the service industry, we know that a job well done is not good enough; we prefer to offer a great service with the warmth that comes straight from the heart.

What is green cleaning all about?

Some green cleaners in the industry can promise you the sun and the moon when it comes to getting rid of nasty wine stains on the carpet after a memorable party or celebration, while others do have the expertise in making your windows look so clean, you might even begin to wonder whether there is a window in place. We are able to do the very same, but with a difference. Spark Cleaning Solutions believes in providing an eco-friendly cleaning service, knowing that the earth is not something that we pass down to the next generation, but rather, we inherit the earth from our children. With that viewpoint in mind, we ensure that all of our products will be eco-friendly and adhere to an organic cleaning service mindset. After all, there is no better way to spruce up a place than to have it go through the cleaning green process.

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We know that green cleaning will require far more effort than the harsh effects of chemicals that will most probably harm the environment in the long run, but the results are well worth the investment. Green cleaning techniques will always utilize cleaning methods as well as products that are not only environmentally friendly, it might help regenerate the earth and overall environmental quality in the long run. This would mean avoiding all kinds of products and cleaning solutions that carry toxic chemicals. Some of these are notorious enough to carry volatile organic compounds that can result in various health issues that negatively affect our respiratory and dermatological conditions. Green cleaning does not only involve the kinds of materials used, but it is far more encompassing since it involves the way that the product itself is made, starting from sourcing the raw materials to the manufacturing process, packaging method and distribution network. Most of the time, green cleaning will use organic cleaning products and solutions to make sure that the entire process is eco-friendly right from the start to the very end.

We strongly believe that there is no business or home environment that cannot benefit from a thorough organic cleaning service. It does not matter whether it is a medical facility, a large office that needs to be cleaned out at regular intervals, a bank environment that is starkly different from many other working environments, school premises that certainly needs plenty of cleaning done, a manufacturing area that would require specialized cleaning expertise, or an event cleaning service to mop up the mess after a party or celebration; all of these are easily tackled by us using eco friendly cleaning methods. We are also specialists when it comes to post construction clean up, floor care, carpet cleaning, hard floor finishing and ceramic floor tile cleaning.

Do take note that there are different degrees of green cleaning that one should be aware of. It is always best to know all of the various labeling programs out there which classify the different kinds of cleaning products. For example, the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Design for the Environment program will have products labeled accordingly should they happen to live up to the EPA’s criteria in terms of chemicals used within. Some of these products will carry the Design for the Environment (DfE) label, whereas there are other products that carry the “low VOC” or “no VOC” labels, which translate to a lower level of concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the former or not at all for the latter. Not every single green cleaning product is considered to be organic, but all organic cleaning products are part of the green cleaning initiative. If there is any doubt at all, go organic as that is the best benchmark that provides adequate peace of mind.

What are the benefits of green cleaning?

There are many benefits when it comes to green cleaning, and we believe that the most important one is the preservation of the earth on which we live. After all, there is no point in further destroying what remains for convenience or quick fix solutions when it comes to keeping a place clean. While there are pockets of people who think that global warming is a myth, on the contrary, it is a very real threat to humans indeed. Just take a glance at the sudden rise in natural disasters that you read about in the news over the past few years; with typhoons, hurricanes, massive floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis, making us to be all the more on our guard when it concerns providing the best cleaning service using eco-friendly products. We are encouraged to know that environmentally friendly cleaning products are starting to gain traction worldwide, and the economy of scale will in turn help to make it more affordable while setting the earth on a healing process. Here are some benefits that green cleaning products will be able to offer.

Eco-friendly products will help preserve the environment

Whenever we make use of an eco-friendly product, there will be a far less negative impact on the earth in the immediate and long run. Pollution to the water is reduced, while the air will also be cleaner since there will be no noxious or toxic gases as an after effect, helping to stabilize the climate and negate further ozone depletion which is detrimental to every living thing on earth. Apart from that, as one makes use of eco-friendly products more and more often, it will indirectly encourage the recycling lifestyle which in turn reduces the use of raw materials during the manufacturing and packaging process. This will result in the encouraging cycle of using less toxic products as well as being more efficient in the packaging process.

Our surroundings become healthier

Bleach might get the job done in killing bacteria and cleaning out the entire place, but it leaves an unpleasant smell not to mention a certain level of toxicity in the air that is bad for our lungs. Green cleaning services like ours which utilize enzyme-based eco-friendly products will not only get the same cleaning job done, but you end up with a pleasant smell instead. Not only is indoor air quality improved, but the number of health risks is also reduced for everyone working or living under the same roof when green cleaning products are used. Get in touch with us and see just how our green cleaning services will help lower the number of health issues including respiratory, eye, and skin burns or irritations, in addition to the likes of headaches, allergies, nausea, and chemical poisoning. An intangible benefit of better health for everyone in an office results in fewer days off which translates to improved productivity and efficiency.

It is cost effective

All organizations would like to operate in a lean manner in order to maximize profit, and going green is one of the ways to do so. Even a humble one-room apartment will be able to reap the benefits of going green, as it helps save operation and maintenance costs in the long run while letting you go to bed at night with a clear conscience, knowing that you are also doing the environment a favor. We make use of eco-friendly cleaning products because it tends to cost less compared to commercial cleaning solutions. A very simple question that we ask our potential clients is this, “Would you like to spend more money in order to live and work in an environment that has increased health risks over the course of time?” The reason we do so is that this is exactly what chemical-laced commercial cleaning products and services deliver, the very things that we wish to avoid.

As green products and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are made from natural ingredients, these will not end up endangering your health nor will it cause additional stress on the earth when used. Not only will the overall environment be more pleasant to live in, but there is also a reduced risk of being exposed to unwanted toxins and pollutants that tend to be health hazards. We always believe that a healthy employee is a productive employee, so why not take the step to change your organization or home’s cleaning mindset by engaging an eco-friendly cleaning service like us?

Some people might think that green cleaning products are more expensive at a glance compared to regular, chemical-laden cleaning solutions. That might be correct, but do take into consideration that the concentration level of green cleaning products tend to be higher, meaning you require a lesser amount to get the job done more effectively as opposed to a regular brand of cleaning solution. Over the course of time, it will actually be more affordable, not to mention giving the earth a chance to regenerate itself without having to come under additional stress.

Go green with Spark Cleaning Solutions

We have amassed years of experience when it comes to commercial cleaning business, performing efficiently at all of our clients’ sites that clearly places us in the top tier of Green Bay office cleaning services. Not being one that is content to rest on our laurels, we continue to strive to be the gold standard bearer in commercial green cleaning services in Fox Valley. It does not matter whether your building, office or home needs to get help in areas of window cleaning, floor care and cleaning, janitorial services or carpet cleaning. Our well trained and qualified staff are more than happy to present a job well done, and Spark Cleaning Solutions continue to build up trust with our clients by being fully insured and a fully licensed company.


Just how stringent is our employee screening process? We ensure that every single member of our cleaning crew would have to go through a thorough background check beforehand, in addition to being tested for drugs. Once both criteria have been fulfilled, we would send them for extensive company training in order to uphold our proud tradition of total professionalism, superior workmanship, and excellent customer service.

Do get in touch with us and our friendly customer service executives will be able to walk you through a customized office cleaning plan that will have your mind at peace as all of the different checkboxes are ticked off. As we have the capability to clean any premise any day of the week at a time of our client’s convenience, there is no longer any excuse not to get that old warehouse dusted and washed up, not should there be a reason for the office to be left unkept over the weekend in order to welcome employees back to a neat and pleasant working environment after a refreshing weekend. Backed by a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, you know that dirt and grime will not stand a chance when we get to work, every single time.